West Brampton

Brampton is a diverse, cosmopolitan, and vibrant place to be. It is Canada’s second fastest growing and the 9th largest city. The Brampton Music Scene is alive and thriving – gospel, reggae, rock, hip hop, rap, alternative, R&B, experimental, indie, acoustic, metal, punk, pop, hardcore, emo, electronica and more; it can all be found in Brampton. It is no wonder that Arcadia is well represented in the Brampton area, with 3 strategically placed locations to serve the vast community and to better suit your musical adventures!

West Brampton: The Brampton West location opened its doors in 2013 and is serving a growing community area and has seen this location grow along with it. The positive attitude and great, uplifting spirit of this location, makes for a bright and wonderful experience for all of the students.

Anthony Meli
Franchise Operator