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Thank you for your interest in our one-of-a-kind franchise opportunity! More and more people are building a lifestyle around their creative experiences, and as creativity plays a larger role in our day-to-day lives, these experiences become more valued. Thus, the economic benefits of the arts extend beyond the traditional economic factors. The ability to maintain creativity and innovation requires access to a vibrant cultural environment. There have been many studies that have documented the benefits of exposure to different from of arts, and they generally conclude that, as one of the studies states: “people cannot create when they work and live in a culturally sterile environment”. Communities that offer a wide variety of cultural amenities are more likely to attract quality workers. Businesses, too, are starting to recognize the value of an investment in the arts, and more specifically in music. Thus, they often aim to create an office environment that includes music space, aiming not only to influence how their employees work, but also give them a place and chance to unwind.

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There is growing understanding that the connection between the arts and the economy and a significant body of statistics has been published regarding the economic impact of Canada’s creative industries. For instance, during the first decade of this millennium, the creative cluster, music included, has emerged as a major and a growing source of GDP for Ontario. The creative industries in Ontario generate $12.2 billion in GDP for Ontario’s economy annually and are number one in Canada by GDP. The creative cluster not only contributes to Ontario’s economic, social and culturally well-being today, but it has the potential to grow at a significant pace in the near future.


Franchising FAQ

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Why Arcadia?

At Arcadia, we understand the power of music. Music is everywhere. As all forms of technology evolve, the enrichment of sound in every device is an integral part of the evolution of technology. As fast as music evolves, so does Arcadia. As we understand this to be a necessity in educating our students, we must be able to relate. Our methods, programs, systems, franchise owners and instructors alike, not only understand, but are fully equipped to deliver this message.

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What is the initial franchise fee?

The Initial Franchise Fee is $35,000.

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What is the advertising fee?

The Advertising Fee is 2% of gross sales, paid monthly.

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What about of liquid capital must be available to acquire an Arcadia franchise?

The unencumbered liquid capital amount ranges from $100,000 – $190,000 and includes Franchise Fee, Pre-Opening Expenses, Working Capital, Inventory, applicable taxes, etc.

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What type of training does Arcadia offer?

Operating an Arcadia franchise requires that you be involved in the operations of the business. Your involvement in the business is correlated to its success. You will be required to perform many functions except that of teaching. Of course, you can reduce the demands put upon you by hiring capable staff members as you grow. The franchise owner is provided with eight weeks of classroom/practical training at Arcadia’s head office pre-opening and up to one week of in-school training post opening.

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How do I hire instructors?

Arcadia will train you to interview and assist you to hire your first group of teachers.

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Do I have to be an educator or have a musical background to succeed?

Our franchisees have come to us with diverse backgrounds. The support and training you receive from Arcadia will aid you in running your business. Our training is comprehensive and will assist you in getting started.

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What is the royalty fee?

Years 1 & 2: 5% of gross sales, remitted monthly and Year 3, onward – 7% of gross sales, remitted monthly.

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What is the cost of opening an Arcadia franchise?

The Development Cost of a premise ranging from 1,000 – 1,200 sq. ft. which includes, but is not limited to, design; leaseholds; furniture, fixtures and equipment; signage; instruments; is subject to various factors, ranges from $100,000 to $190,000.

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What qualifications must an individual meet to be considered as an Arcadia franchisee?

  • A passion for delivering music education programs through quality and vision.
  • Music education or an educational teaching background is helpful, but not essential.
  • The ability to manage an academy that encourages and supports students and teachers.
  • Exceptional communication, interpersonal and computer skills.
  • The ability to deliver an excellent customer service experience.
  • Strong ties to your community.
  • A full-time commitment to Arcadia.
  • The ability to meet the financial requirements.
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What type of support does Arcadia offer?

Arcadia provides the following support:

  • Right to use trademarks and trade names
  • Real Estate
  • Design, Drawings and Construction process
  • Proprietary Software
  • Ongoing Operational and Marketing support
  • Loan of Confidential Operations Manual
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Where do i find instructors?

Arcadia has a proven system of finding teachers. We will teach you how the system works and assist you through the process.


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Debbie Daniel is our Director in Franchising and Real Estate here at Arcadia. She can assist you with any questions you may have regarding starting your franchising journey with Arcadia. Should you join our team, you as a Franchisee will have comfort in knowing that our role is ongoing, from visitations to recommendations for improvement, as well as problem-solving and continuous support. We believe that it is only with the combined efforts of all parties that a franchise relationship can be successfully established and flourish.

If you would like to reach Debbie directly, you can call her at (647) 234-2363 or simply fill out the form below.