Check out the Arcadia Rocks All-Stars!

These are the kinds of opportunities our band program has given to our up and coming musicians from around Arcadia and the GTA. Not only do we provide different performance opportunities, but in this case, Sony Music Canada approached us with the idea of our students recording a song by one of the artists on the Sony Music roster. That artist was none other than Foo Fighters, one of the biggest rock bands in the world! They were gearing up for the release of their album, Concrete and Gold. At the time, they had released two singles from the upcoming album and Sony Music Canada gave us the choice of which one we wanted to record. They also had the idea to release an accompanying video to release to social media, world wide. The idea was to pay homage to the actual Foo Fighters video for “The Sky Is A Neighborhood”, as if the kids had gotten together themselves and made a do-it-yourself video.

So here is the resulting video, filmed at Sony Music Canada’s sound stage and recorded at the Arcadia Woodbridge Recording Facility. Enjoy!