Arcadia Academy of Music

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Arcadia Academy of Music
 is a family owned and operated franchised system founded by Carmine Di Rauso in 1984. Three generations later, Arcadia Academy of Music continues to be a leader as one of the largest franchised music schools in Ontario. Recognized by the industry for its quality, Arcadia Academy of Music has received many accolades and awarded over 20 industry awards.

The Arcadia Academy of Music concept is simple yet effective – providing a personalized approach to delivering music education programs through quality and vision. This concept amalgamated with honesty, integrity and transparency has provided our longevity for the last 30 years. We believe that every child should be given the opportunity to be exposed to music, enriching their lives inside and outside the classroom and delivering music programs that revolutionize the way music is taught and learned. Read More…

Arcadia Music Group

Arcadia Music Group was formed by Pat and Maurizio Di Rauso. Already having taken over Arcadia Academy of Music from their father, they had a bigger and bolder vision to bring grass roots music lessons to a bigger demographic. Arcadia Music Group enabled the two brothers to create a franchise system and grow the brand name of Arcadia Academy of Music.

As of 2018, Arcadia Academy of Music is finding strength in numbers with nine franchises and 2 more to open their doors in 2019. Pat and Maurizio have since created an in-house design team realizing the change in how businesses market themselves. With the growth of social media Arcadia Music Group responded to change with creativity.

Arcadia Media Space

With a growing list of advertising campaigns to work on, Arcadia decided to expand the corporate location to include an in-house design team. Extending from the years of franchise success of the Arcadia Academy of Music family, this new boutique provides marketing & design solutions for business. From web & graphic design, marketing, social media, photography, audio & video, Arcadia Media Space covers all digital and advertising needs.  The Arcadia corporate location/media space also houses a digital recording studio, open to any student wishing to record themselves, as well as to most outside recording projects. Learn more…

Arcadia Rocks Band Program

Arcadia isn’t just about private music lessons! Among the most popular programs is our band program, otherwise known as Arcadia Rocks! With a new LOOK, SOUND and palpable ENERGY, this rejuvenated Band Program empowers and electrifies students to come together, create music and confidently hit the stage with their own band identity while having fun and honing their instrument. Students will collaborate with other musicians encountering different personalities, musical tastes and learning to work as a team. Repertoire, songwriting and improvisation will be explored and students will also learn the importance of networking. Learn More…

Arcadia Musicfest

Musicfest is Arcadia’s largest event, giving our students the opportunity to experience the joy of performing in front of their family and friends. Last year we had 675 students throughout the Arcadia system competing in this event. It is not only an occasion to showcase their hard work and talent but also a true testimony and reflection of good teaching, support and constant encouragement. It is important to remember that although this event is a competition, our main goal is to make the day enjoyable and memorable for our students and their parents. As always, we focus on using this event to continue to build the student’s self-esteem and confidence.

Arcadia Live! Productions

Arcadia Live! Productions was created to help provide our communities with live entertainment, equipment rentals, and audio/video production. There is a live talent available offering solo performance to an 11 piece band. We can also provide backline equipment and offer PA systems with audio technician for small to mid-sized venues. Learn More…