North Brampton

Brampton is a diverse, cosmopolitan, and vibrant place to be. It is Canada’s second fastest growing and the 9th largest city. The Brampton Music Scene is alive and thriving – gospel, reggae, rock, hip hop, rap, alternative, R&B, experimental, indie, acoustic, metal, punk, pop, hardcore, emo, electronica and more; it can all be found in Brampton. It is no wonder that Arcadia is well represented in the Brampton area, with 3 strategically placed locations to serve the vast community and to better suit your musical adventures!

North Brampton: Established in 2008 and run by Carmen and Kenny King since 2015, Carmen and Kenny are very passionate about music, evident by their involvement in our programs, such as the Band Program and MusicFest.  Carmen and Kenny are active within the community and have an eagerness to pass on their passion, knowledge and experience to their students.

Carmen & Kenny King
Franchise Operators