Dan Todd

Drummer for Canadian recording artists, Platinum Blonde.

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    Toronto, ON

Biography Dan Todd

This week we spotlight, Dan Todd, drummer for Canadian recording artists, Platinum Blonde.

Dan was born in a Kitchener hospital and lived his early years in Mannheim, Ontario with his Mother (Rachelle), Father (James) and his Identical Twin brother (Doug)

Dan Played Hockey on the street with his friends, riding bikes and building forts in the woods like any normal kid. He got heavy into music at a very young age,
purchasing LP Records with his allowance when his friends were buying toys and games.

Watching his father (James Todd) play drums in Church every Sunday definitely lit a fire under Dan. His true ambition was to become a professional drummer. Early in his career, Dan’s performance style was deeply rooted in Hard rock and Funk. He drew most of his inspiration from drummers such as Jeff Pocaro, Neil Peart, Bobby Blotzer, Rod Morgenstein, Scott Rockenfield and John Bonham.

After realizing there was nothing for Dan musically in KW, he relocated to Toronto, Ontario in 1992, and was taken under the wing of Randy Cooke (Lee Aaron, Rik Emmett, Kim Mitchell, Ringo Starr, Smashmouth), who Dan is still very thankful too.

As time goes on, Dan has been inspired by drummers such as Morgan Rose, Paul Delong, Creighton Doane, Sean Kilbride, Chad Szeliga, Zoltan Chaney, Rich Redmond, Dean Castronovo, Tommy Aldridge, Chris Sutherland, Gavin Harrison, Ray Luzier, Rik Gratton (Big Respect), Glen Milchem, Greg Morrow, Hillary Jones, Atom Willard Chris Sutherland, Brent Fitz . The list will forever grow as Dan continues to learn.

A note from Dan:

Just a quick “Hello, Thank You and a Shout out ” to some very special people in my life: My Amazing Son Tarryn, My Family Mom, Dad, Doug and his beautiful daughters Michaela and Cadence, my best friend in the world and the love of my life Natalie Belmont, Jamie Williams, Faber, Red, Stricko, Krikit J.P my very dear friends from “Faber Drive” I love you guys, Sarah Smith, Cameron Patterson, Mark Holmes, Sergio Galli, Chris Steffler, Kenny Maclean (R.I.P.), Al Joynes, Alannah Myles, Jimi Jamison, Randy Cooke, Rob Thomas, Terry Ryan, Randy Chaisson at “SABIAN”, Rick Baker (for building the best drums on the planet), Gabriel Ferreira at “SILVERFOX” Drumsticks, Larry Davidson at D’addario for “EVANS” drum heads, Dan Dauz at “DAUZ Electonic Drums”, Colin Gittens and everyone at PPC, Ed Doadt, Willie Bennett (R.I.P.) Michelle Truman, Karl Wolf, Nick Walsh, Laurie Green, Warren Clarke and family, Andy O’Connor (and the Gottesman Sign Co), Lystra Tuach, Tira Rybka Gugliotta and family, Steve Long, Brian Doerner, Ron Fallon, Gary Lalonde (I learned so much from you), Gord Deppe, Meg Crockett Zoltan Chaney, Bill Brault, The Sardenas, Chris Quigley, Kenny Robinson, Tim Nutt, Dave McClusky, Mike Hanson, Jorn Anderson, Joey Ng Wai, Michelle Xavier and IMIJ and Co, Johnnie Dee, Juan Croucier, FLUDD, Justin Pilling, and most importantly to the King of Kings.

I’m enjoying a great career, I’ve worked with some of my heroes. I’ve met a lot of people who I’m proud to call friends!

Richest Blessings,
Dan Todd

How did you first hear about Arcadia?

I heard of “Arcadia” through a teacher friend of mine, she mentioned the name ‘Steve Saunders’. Steve and I go back many years.

What can you tell us about your current projects, and are there any upcoming events?

I’ve been playing drums in the Multi-Platinum selling band ‘Platinum Blonde’ from 2011-present. I just finished playing drums on a CD for a Disney/Nickelodean artist who is up and coming. Keep your ear to the ground for ‘Girl Wonder’.

Platinum Blonde are a very well known Canadian act and have been around since the 80’s. What is it like working with them?

I am learning daily with Platinum Blonde. They are very current and aware of what is happening n the music industry today. There’s no question Mark and Sergio are seasoned veterans.

If you had to recommend to a student a great song by a rock band, what would it be and why?

This is such a great question. The song would be based on what direction the student wanted to go towards with his/her instrument. Guitar/Drums/Voice/Bass. At a moment like this it would be unfair to push my favorites when he/she can benefit from another.

What advice would you give to young musicians who want to attend/audition at a college/university music program?

You will get out of it what you put into it. How badly do you want this.

What’s it like working as a touring musician and what are some of the required skills needed to be a good touring musician?

Being a touring musician is the greatest job of all, I travel, I entertain and meet wonderful people, I go to places all over the world. As far as skills besides my instrument….You need to play nice with others. Your band and crew are your family.

What gig have you done in the past that sticks in your mind as THE best gig you’ve ever done?

There are so many but sharing the stage with Journey and Whitesnake was very memorable.

What are your views on music education? Do you feel it is an important part of a young musician’s training?

Again you will get out of it what you put into it. Some parents ask a teacher “How much should my son/daughter practice..? My response is: “If they want to be good and they love their instrument, they will practice”.

Are you working on anything new? Any plans for travelling, education, album recordings?

I am currently smack dab in the middle of a brand spanking new ‘Platinum Blonde’ CD called ‘The Sympathy Orchestra’..!!!!

Do you have any songs, performances, or videos of your music anywhere online that you’d like to recommend?

There are a couple great interviews on YouTube:

Any last thoughts, comments, suggestions?

Love on everyone. Psalms 150:5

Thank you, Dan!

Next Week: The Music of Star Wars!

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